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Leh Ladakh

Jammu and Kashmir


Mountain-framed Leh and the barren beauty of Ladakh will take anyone's breath away. Both Leh-Ladakh offer an amazing cocktail for trekkers, mountaineers, adventure lovers, nature lovers and cultural observers.

The jagged mountains contoured exotically, arid climate that you won’t find anywhere, the mud brick houses, whitewashed stupas and the magical Buddhist touch to Leh-Ladakh make them one of the most sought after destinations in the world. 

Though a major threat to its delicately balanced ecological existence, Leh Ladakh is thronged by tourists and adventure seekers when it opens up for brief window. The awe inspiring historic, spiritual, cultural and monumental wealth of this place is truly amazing. Gompa here have incredible interiors, colourfully awash with the murals and bodhisattvas statuary.

 Prayer wheels spun clockwise release a positive vibe with soothing mantras in the backdrop. And the Tibetan-style palace and forts are in itself a heritage worth observing. You need ample time to watch and experience Leh and Ladakh, so get sufficient time in hand. In fact, getting acclimatization itself requires few days before you can enjoy to the full extend - the unforgettable landscape and unforgettable adventure here

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